Payload Data Ground Segment: (1) Systems Engineer and (1) IV&V Engineer (17-13-079)

Job Description

We are looking for Payload Data Ground Segment Systems Engineers for our client EUMETSAT; specifically, one System Engineer and one IV&V Engineer. Your core support will be to activities mainly corresponding to various stages of the Detailed Design –Phase C- of a given programme under definition and development, and Phase D (Implementation and Validation), as contribution to Integration, Verification and Validation. The main emphasis is on the payload data ground segment of the EPS-SG programme. This covers payload data acquisition (ground stations) and data processing elements.

You shall perform typical system engineering activities in the lifecycle of a system, such as:

  • Requirements engineering – mainly related to the verification processes, and encompassing downward and upward traceability, allocation and apportionment, and management with respect to verification control databases and the verification process.
  • Design – defining the conceptual build and configuration which results in a physical architecture, described by its complete functional, physical and software characteristics.
  • Planning, preparation and execution of integration and verification, with the final objective to demonstrate that the deliverables conform to the specified requirements.

In ground segment phases C and D, you shall support the following engineering activities:

  • Requirements engineering in DOORS. This includes review, specification and refinement of existing requirements, their up-traces to parent Ground Segment specifications, justifications and verification methods.
  • Support to the procurement of payload data acquisition & processing elements by advising on technical solutions proposed by the responsible contractors, and by reviewing documentation to confirm its compliance with the requirements.
  • Refinement of ICDs, especially those between payload data acquisition & processing elements and other GS functions.
  • Support to the preparation and execution of the testing, integration and acceptance of procured elements.
  • Support to the installation of ground segment elements at sites, and their integration into the overall Ground Segment system.
  • Verification and validation (IV&V) of the integrated Ground Segment;
  • Review of System, Space Segment and Ground Segment documentation dealing with requirements, concepts, algorithms and technical analyses of relevance for data processing, including review of calibration concepts defined by the Space Segment with emphasis on their implications on Ground Segment data processing concepts, interfaces and architecture;
  • Participation in formal reviews and technical meetings at System and Ground Segment level.

Notes for applicants:

Systems Engineer: you shall have demonstrated experience in the requirements below, with emphasis on overall systems engineering aspects of payload data ground segments.

IV&V Engineer: you shall have demonstrated experience in the requirements below, with emphasis on IV&V of payload data ground segments.


Required Skills and Experience

  • University degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline.
  • You shall have at least 5 years of demonstrated experience in the areas and disciplines stated below:
    • System engineering practices and processes, especially in the field of space systems engineering, including knowledge of ECSS standards and system life cycle processes.
    • Extensive experience in payload data ground segments for large and complex Earth Observation missions, including L1/L2 processing software.
    • Management and traceability of complex requirements structures and the management of their verification via VCDs.
    • Preparation of ground segment documentation relating to requirements engineering, design, and IV&V planning and execution.
  • Travel within Europe and world-wide may be required. You shall be in a position to attend, on a short notice, reviews and progress meetings held outside EUMETSAT premises.
  • The ability to maintain a system overview is essential. There shall be a systematic approach to the work, and the ability to plan the work and to cope with tight schedules and multiple tasks.
  • You shall possess the ability to write accurate and consistent technical documentation, as well as the ability to rapidly absorb, and make use of, information presented in written and oral communications in a dynamic context.

Desirable Skills and Experience

  • Experience with DOORS tool.


Work Location

Darmstadt, Germany



Start of Work: January 2018

Application Deadline: 06 November 2017

Important Notes

Before applying to this position, please read the page How to Apply.
Applicants must be EU citizens or have a valid work and residence permit in Germany.
Security, identity and reference checks on the candidates are part of the recruitment process.

Job Application

Please send your applications electronically to before the application deadline 06 November 2017.