System and Concurrent Design Facility Engineer (18-11-004)

Job Description

We are looking for a System and Concurrent Design Facility (CDF) Engineer for our client ESTEC. You will be supporting Life Cycle Assessment tasks and the organisation and execution of concurrent engineering studies in co-operation with technical specialists, project teams and industry. Your tasks will include:

  • Support coordination of Eco-design activities and technology development.
  • Perform Life Cycle Assessment analysis of space missions, such as launchers and satellites, and respective building blocks and technologies.
  • Support the implementation of ecodesign and LCA at space mission design and technology development level.
  • Manage the LCA database specific for space activities and the related tool for CDF use.
  • Manage the LCA Handbook for the possible future updates .
  • Actively participate in CDF studies (e.g. pre-phase A assessment) and activities, thus coordinating design and architecture sessions with specialists of other engineering disciplines.
  • Contribute to the enhancement of the CDF infrastructure to support internal studies, including formalisation of design models, i/o parameter definition, visualisation/ presentation.
  • Support the total CDF infrastructure and overall integrated modelling to ensure the functionality and performance of the CDF, including documentation, user manuals and databases.
  • Organise and lead the development of concurrent engineering tools, mathematical and design models and methods in support of System Engineering and application to all phases of the project life-cycle.
  • Promote the use of the CDF to support ESA programmes, industry and external customers.
  • Organise and participate in the training of the CDF users.
  • Provide System Engineering functional support to ESA projects, which encompasses interface with the project team directly or via the project support engineer, interface – if requested – with the industrial team, participation in progress meetings and reviews, as requested by project work, and providing appropriate feedback about achieved progress and results.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Previous experience in Life Cycle Assessment focused in space.
  • Relevant practical knowledge and experience in mission design, feasibility studies and the related informatics tools.
  • Concurrent Engineering applied to space mission assessment and design, system design modelling tools.
  • Knowledge and practice in the application of ESA SE Standards (e.g. ECSS-E-10 series) and SW engineering.

Desirable Skills and Experience

  • Understanding of the Clean Space activities.


Work Location

Noordwijk, Netherlands


Start of Work: March 2018

Application Deadline: 22 January 2018

Important Notes

Before applying to this position, please read the page How to Apply.
Applicants must be EU citizens or have a valid work and residence permit in Germany.
Security, identity and reference checks on the candidates are part of the recruitment process.

Job Application

Please send your applications electronically to before the application deadline 22 January 2018.