Artificial Intelligence Planning and Scheduling Workshop

07 April 2015

In the last workshop at Solenix, Simone Fratini gave an introduction on Artificial Intelligence Planning and Scheduling concepts and techniques, with a specific focus on successful applications for controlling complex physical systems (space applications, robotics and more).

The talk first introduced classical planning and project scheduling basic concepts. Then planning and scheduling integration with timelines has been addressed: since most real-world problems are not simply either planning or scheduling problems, this paradigm was introduced to integrate temporal reasoning with causality. Both areas, project scheduling and planning with timelines, share a common knowledge representation core based on timelines, i.e. a mathematical construct based on temporally related items.

Finally the talk provided an overview of significant planning and scheduling experiences in the context of space applications (at NASA and ESA), robotics, autonomy, AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) scenarios and other industrial domains.