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Solenix is an international company providing engineering and consulting services in the space market. Our software team consists of highly skilled professionals focused on delivering smart and reliable solutions.

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05 September 2023

Überlog gets a makeover

Solenix is constantly exploring new and innovative ways of improving the user experience of its Überlog application.

Over the summer, the Überlog team was busy building a new graphical user interface,...


25 August 2023

Solenix contributes to ClearSpace’s mission to clean up space

ClearSpace is pioneering a new area of sustainable space exploration with ClearSpace-1, a world-first mission to remove a debris from Earth orbit.

Over the last two years, Solenix has been instrumental...


13 July 2023

The long Flight of Garuda - From Darmstadt to Middle Wales in four days

First, a little bit of history: In June 2019 Solenix launched its first balloon. It started as a company-funded pet project aimed at sending a weather balloon, together with its payload, to heights above...