Solenix is known as a reliable and flexible partner with a customer-oriented spirit.

Solenix provides consultancy and software engineering services.

On the consultancy side, we cover a wide range of domains starting from spacecraft operations services, general engineering and management support, to research and development of advanced technologies and concepts.

Our software engineering team is specialised in the development and maintenance of mobile solutions and data-driven software including visualisation and dashboard tools, data analytics systems, event monitoring and alarming platforms.

We are at home in the aerospace domain and we are successfully using our capabilities also in other markets.

Some of our projects and experiences are presented below. Click on the arrows for more information.

Fast Prototyping and Mobile Application Development

Social media and mobile applications development for earth observation ground segment and mission operations

This framework contract spans over three years and host multiple individual projects. The purpose of the contract is on one hand, to promote our customer’s activities, and products in the earth observation domain to users, scientists and the general public in order to increase awareness and facilitate exploitation of earth observation data. On the other hand, the contract serves as a mechanism to reduce technical risks in the development of the earth observation ground segment technologies by means of rapid prototyping for new concept and technology assessment.

With this contract, Solenix reinforces its knowledge in prototyping techniques and expands its expertise in the domains of mobile application design and development.

Performance and Completeness Monitoring Software

Maintenance and evolution of software for a ground segment monitoring system

Our customer is monitoring various IT systems and their services for their performance in terms of timely delivery, reliability and completeness of information.

In the frame of this contract, Solenix provides Maintenance and Evolution services for the software suite of the tools, which are used for monitoring and reporting about the observed performance.

The biggest evolutions so far were focussed on improving the foundation of the software by moving to database-driven persistence and additional event-based interfaces for data exchange. Based on these improvements, new functionality will be added in the future to expand the tools’ capabilities.

Web-Based Collaborative Platform for Operations Support

Study of Web 2.0 capabilities applied to space data system development and operations

The study was conducted in the frame a technology research programme, which supports the exploration of new ideas and concepts from earliest stages.

The purpose was to provide the users with a common platform for collaboration and information exchange, which is closely connected to and integrated with the information source. In order to demonstrate the integration capabilities, the tool interfaces with different data repositories of our customer via a web-based data analysis tool, developed by the customer with the support of Solenix and currently used by various flight control teams.


Earth Observation Rich Client Platform

EO-RCP is a single extensible tool to combine common earth observation product processing workflows.

Processing and manipulating products for Earth Observation is one of the core scientific tasks. With the standard approach this involves different tools for identifying, processing, and manipulating the visual information in EO products.

EO-RCP unifies functionalities from different domains and parts of the workflow, including:

  • Product discovery via Catalogues and 3D Globe
  • Basic and complex product processing by reusing OSS
  • GIS Integration
  • Automation integration

Most importantly EO-RCP provides a plug-in mechanism to adapt to other data sources, processing algorithms and to add new functionality.

This software has been developed in the frame of a study with the customer as prototype and has successfully shown that an integration of the different workflow steps into a single tool makes the work more efficient.

Interface Services for Telerobotics System

Identifying, defining, implementing and demonstrating commonly reusable services for robotic devices (e.g. rovers).

Robotic systems and their control require similar commanding and monitoring patterns. The goal of this project was to identify commonly reusable patterns and define those as services, which can be implemented in Monitoring & Control software as well as interfaces to specific robotic systems. The goal of such services is the reuse of knowledge, and if possible software. This allows for easier integration of new systems into existing environments and guides designs by showing a map of available functionality.

Solenix’s main contributions in this project were the technology analysis for fundamental communication technologies on ground and via space link, as well as the design, implementation and demonstration of the adapter for an existing rover of the customer.

Vehicle Logistics Monitoring and Statistics System

GIS supported vehicle transport monitoring, developed for a logistics service provider.

The tool is used to display the transport of new vehicles across their various destinations.

The most important functionality is the visual and easily understandable representation of the vehicles’ statuses, which helps the service provider to ensure timely arrival. Individual locations (“Compounds”) are displayed with clear indication and quickly accessible detailed statistics for vehicles currently stored there. This allows users to check vehicles that could be late and take action quickly.

This tool has been developed for a German logistics service provider.