ESA Sentinel iOS Application Developed by Solenix-led Consortium

08 December 2015

Solenix’s consortium for Software Prototyping and Mobile App Development at ESRIN developed the recently published ESA Sentinel iOS application.

The application is a gateway to knowing the Sentinel satellites. It lets you track the satellites in real-time, discover their key components, read the latest news and learn more about their products.

Today’s update of the application includes important new features:

  • Integration of Sentinel-2 in the Tracking, Model and News sections
  • Fully texturised 3D models of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2
  • New functionality in the Tracking section: see the last and next time Sentinel-1 or Sentinel-2 has been and will be over your location; move to the time of the last downlink and smoothly move the satellite back to its current location over the 3D globe
  • Get notified when Sentinel-1 or Sentinel-2 is passing by

Download it on the App Store.