Is It a Topic or a Queue?

19 February 2016

At Solenix, we use message queue technologies in various projects and our implementation of choice is Apache ActiveMQ. The experience we gathered with the Java Message Service (JMS) in general and ActiveMQ in particular was put together and presented to the entire software engineering team during a technical workshop.

During this event, various topics were discussed and concrete situations were analysed with respect to:

  • Thread safety in JMS;
  • Robust reply/response paradigms in this asynchronous world;
  • Transactions and persistence for ensuring that no data is lost;
  • Load-balancing and message prioritisation for building efficient messaging networks;
  • Multi-broker scenarios with firewalls in different secure network setups;
  • Memory and storage considerations for stable message brokers.

This workshop allowed the team to share experiences and reach a common understanding of and solutions for typical and more complex messaging issues in highly demanding environments.