New in Spring 4 - Solenix Workshop

03 May 2016

Our April workshop has brought us the last news on the Spring Framework. At Solenix we make extensive use of it in many of our projects. For those not familiar with it, Spring is an application framework that provides comprehensive infrastructure support for developing Java applications. It relies heavily on inversion of control and dependency injection and provides a wide range of modules, including: data access, security, web services, transactions, messaging, etc.​ ​In the workshop we focused on introducing the core changes in version 4 of the Spring Framework to our developers, particularly:

  • website and new guides
  • deprecated packages, third party dependencies and changes in the core-container
  • Java EE and Java 8 support
  • Groovy DSL
  • web and testing improvements

The workshop concluded with a productive discussion on whether upgrade to Spring 4 in current projects is worth and the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches to the use and configuration of Spring in future projects.