Solenix Talks - Products Presentation

13 May 2016

This week was the inauguration of the “Solenix Talks”, a new cycle of presentations, workshops and discussions about Solenix activities.

The “Solenix Talks” are a platform for all Solenix colleagues to present interesting topics and to share their knowledge with the team. The first talk was organised by the Products Division and presented an overview and a hands-on demo of our products:

  • Elveti, our easy to use, flight-proven mission control system for nano and small satellites.
  • Überlog, our web-based operations logbook solution with an intuitive user interface and collaboration features.
  • BOSS Dashboard, our web-based real-time dashboard solution for intelligent system monitoring.

The presentation sparked the curiosity and interest of some of our colleagues that were ready to contribute with new ideas and use cases for our systems.