Solenix in SpaceOps'16

30 May 2016

Last week the 14th International Conference on Space Operations took place in Daejeon, Korea. The 2016 edition of SpaceOps was hosted by KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) and organised  by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). With the theme “Expanding the Space Community”, the one-week conference hosted different sessions around space operations topics, such as Operations Concepts and Flight Execution, Planning and Scheduling or Small Satellite and Commercial Space Operations amongst other.

In this year’s edition we proudly contributed to several research papers that were presented during the conference in topics related to intelligent and automated planning and scheduling techniques applied to mission operations and the future of WebMUST as data analysis and visualisation tool.

Furthermore our electronic logbook solution, Überlog, was used to validate the results of a study conducted by the European Space Operations Centre in partnership with Delft University of Technology and Plymouth University. This study designed and deployed an audible and visual alarm system for ESA’s Cluster II mission control room. The paper resulting from this paper was selected among the 30 best of SpaceOps'16 and will be featured in the Conference Book.

The papers presented in the conference can be downloaded from the AIAA-Aerospace Research Central or clicking on the links below.

Congratulations to all the Solenix authors for their contribution to the scientific community!

List of Presented Papers:

Coverage planning for agile EO Constellations using Ant Colony Optimisation

AlphaSat TDP operations coordination via Automated Planning: An Operational Experience Report

Cluster-II: Using Artificial Intelligence for Automated Ground Station Scheduling

WebMUST Evolution

Designing and deploying meaningful audio alarms for control systems