Solenix Workshop - Automated User Interface Testing

04 August 2016

During the August workshop we discussed automated user interface testing. We at Solenix use UI tests to simulate user interactions with our web applications offering us the possibility to discover weak points. Automated tests make our engineers’ lives easier as the tests ensure the integrity of the code during our nightly checks. After having researched several tools available in the market, our choice is SeleniumHQ, which allows us to test our products with all major web browsers and with different programming languages. During the workshop we focused not only on SeleniumHQ but also on more generic topics related to automated UI testing:

  • Why to use UI testing
  • Pitfalls
  • Best practices
  • UI testing in practice

The workshop concluded with a live demo and an equally lively discussion about the flexibility and potential of Selenium, UI testing in a production environment and the possibilities of utilizing Selenium for performance tests.