Überlog makes the life of Cluster engineers much easier!

07 October 2016

ESA just published a very nice blog post about the practicalities of spacecraft operations, on-call services, and how specific tools like our Überlog logbook solution can have a great positive impact on the daily life of engineers.

This is very much in line with our own vision of using specialised software tools supporting operations with automation, analysis, notifications, visualisation and extraction of relevant information in order to bridge the gap between reduced team sizes and ever increasing data volumes. Such tools can raise the role of human operators from monitoring agents to decision makers.

The Cluster team is a forerunner on this path. Well done!

Check out here the story on how a problem in the communications with the Cluster spacecraft was discovered by its Spacecraft Operations Manager, meanwhile he was in the kitchen and how Überlog played a role in helping him! Follow more adventures of the Cluster mission in Twitter!

Image credits: ESA