Solenix Workshop - Spring Boot

11 October 2016

During our latest regular Solenix Workshop we had a thorough look at Spring Boot and how it can benefit us in our current and future software projects.

Spring Boot allows creating rich application launchers harnessing the full power of the Spring framework. It allows us to create self-contained applications, which bring all the necessary utensils, including web servers, database connectors, etc. in a single package and a single process. As usual with the Spring framework, Spring Boot makes using sophisticated features much easier.

The largest benefit of Spring Boot is its support to operations, thanks to the insights provided into the health, performance and configuration of the application via easy-to-use REST interfaces. Adding metrics and status providers is a breeze and it allows us and our customers to look inside the application while it is running. With Spring Boot we have much more control over the runtime environment of the applications. This helps us to avoid incompatibilities or issues due to application containers (e.g. Glassfish, Tomcat), shared dependencies or outdated versions of external components. 

The workshop presented the most important aspects of Spring Boot for our use cases and concluded with a lively discussion and exchange of ideas.

You can learn more about Spring Boot here.