Solenix at the OGRS 2016 Conference

14 October 2016

It was a rainy day in Perugia, Italy. But rain or shine, Solenix is always hard at work promoting and presenting the results of our projects. This time, on occasion of the OGRS 2016 conference (, Paulo presented the outcomes of the first year of the on-going collaboration between ESA - through the Solenix consortium for Software Prototyping and Mobile App Development at ESRIN - and NASA, on the development of WebWorldWind (, the popular, free and open-source 3D virtual globe API for HTML5 and JavaScript.

The paper that was submitted and accepted at the conference also makes a comparison between WebWorldWind and other popular 3D virtual globe technologies, highlights the use-cases that can be implemented with the newly introduced features and concludes with the outlook for the activity, focusing on the technical roadmap. In front of a very interested and participative audience, there was also time to show some demos and examples of the technology in action. Since August 2016, ESA and the Solenix Consortium are themselves operational customers of WebWorldWind, as it is now used in its full power in the ESA Sentinel App, freely available for download in Google Play and iTunes.

To the delight of all partners, the ESA and NASA collaboration on WebWorldWind has recently been renewed for a year. With the two major space agencies on both sides of the Atlantic investing on the technology, Solenix believes that WebWorldWind has a very bright future ahead of it, and is looking forward to continue collaborating with them on making this future possible.