ESA Open Data Day - MarsExpress Power Challenge

31 October 2016

On Friday last week we joined the ESA Open Data Day for the conclusion of the MarsExpress Power Challenge.
Hundreds of people had joined the challenge around the globe with the primary goal to give more operational time to MarsExpress by predicting the thermal power consumption.

The teams with the best results came to ESOC and presented their solution, approach to data analysis and their experience throughout the challenge. Particularly the open collaboration between participants and the effort ESA's DATO Team has put into this challenge were remarkable. The DATO team, Data Analytics Team for Operations, is lead by Alessandro Donati and our José is part of it, providing innovative solutions to use data for the benefit of mission operations. For us this event was a great opportunity to meet many interesting people, to learn and discuss modern approaches to advanced data analytics and to gather ideas for our future work.

If you couldn’t make it to the event, ESA has recorded the live-stream and made it available here. Enjoy!