Students Won Actemium Talent Award With Elveti Mobile App

11 November 2016

Annika and Joep, two students at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW, won the Actemium Talent Award in the category “Academic” with their bachelor thesis on the development of our Elveti Mobile Application.

In its research and development activities, Solenix works closely with universities and, in this specific project, the two students were tasked with the design and prototyping of a mobile application for our lightweight mission control system, Elveti. The design of the app had to achieve two main purposes: showing information on the mission for the general public and providing a mission overview including live telemetry data for the satellite team. The latter is available via a separate secure section within the app. The challenge for the students was to come up with solutions addressing many aspects specific to the mobile environments, such as limited data packages or unreliable connections, as well as security.

For Annika and Joep, this was the second project with Solenix. They had previously worked on the mobile application for our electronic logbook solution, Überlog. Congratulations to both of them for these successful projects with us and this well-deserved talent award!