Solenix Workshop - Web Application Security

03 March 2017

Another month, another workshop! This time it was the turn of Web Application Security. 

Nowadays web applications are ubiquitous and accessible to a large audience. The intentions of this audience are not always genuine and, as developers, we have to harden our applications against a multitude of threats.

The first part of the workshop highlighted some of the most critical web application security risks. We then discussed how to find and prevent vulnerabilities to these risks.

The second part presented frameworks that help us creating secure applications. In particular we focused on Spring and AngularJS. At Solenix we use a combination of these frameworks to secure our implementations. Spring offers a solid "secure by default" configuration for our backends, while AngularJS safeguards our front ends. Together with thorough security testing and careful development, we are confident that our applications are safe to use!