Did you know that we offer training for our products?

15 March 2017

Our products take a central place in the operations of our customers. Their good integration within existing processes and systems is key to their success and productivity. Our support and training packages can be tailored to accompany you from the design phase to operations, thanks to on-site and remote support, training sessions and dedicated workshops.

For example, last week we were in Stockholm for a 2-day workshop introducing Elveti to a very promising CubeSat mission in the making. During these 2 days, the team of professors and students could discover the full potential of Elveti. They also discussed with our expert how our solution could best fit their on-going project and how they could use Elveti to maximise its impact in the mission. Thanks to their evaluation license and some additional remote support, they can now assess Elveti in optimal conditions and fully integrate it into their project.

If you are interested in Elveti, Überlog or BOSS and would like to discuss how these could support your own project, please contact yann.voumard@solenix.ch.