Software Prototyping and Mobile App Development Contract with ESRIN extended until 2019!

22 August 2017

Solenix is delighted to announce that its contract for software prototyping and mobile app development with ESA/ESRIN has been extended for two years and will now run until September 2019. In this contract, Solenix leads an international consortium with Terrasigna Srl (RO), GISAT s.r.o. (CZ), Progressive Systems Srl (IT) and Qualteh JR Srl (RO) as subcontractors.

Over the last three years, this contract has enhanced and reshaped ESA's capabilities in the development of mobile applications and software prototypes for Earth Observation Ground Segments, leading among others to the ESA Sentinel App (available here for iOS and here for Android), the most downloaded App in the ESA store, with around 15.000 users, as well as the Proba-V App (available here for iOS and here for Android), currently undergoing a major restyling and reorientation. The 2-year extension will focus mainly on the continuation of the equally very popular and productive cooperation with NASA on the evolution of the WebWorldWind 3D virtual globe technology, currently a fundamental cornerstone of the ESA Sentinel App, but also an important and powerful piece of general purpose open-source GIS software that is now being used by several projects around the world (H2020 and OGC projects, the urban management for World Bank project, smart cities) to build beautiful and useful applications.

Other exciting news are on the way, so stay tuned!