Solenix to bring DTN technology to future EO missions

10 August 2017

Solenix, as part of a GMV INSYEN led consortium, has been awarded by ESA a contract to evaluate the feasibility of using Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN) for space-to-ground communications.

The contract has a duration of 12 months and will explore how the CCSDS/IETF Bundle Protocol could enhance the network throughput in three scenarios: earth observation missions, satellite constellations and deep-space exploration missions. In order to do so, the consortium will study the different scenarios and develop a suitable simulator that will enable the analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of using DTN. The outputs of this contract will be taken into account as best practices for future missions.

The kick-off meeting for this contract took place successfully at ESOC on 20 July and the project team has already started working on the analysis of the proposed scenarios.

Solenix is very happy to be involved in this activity and is looking forward to a successful outcome that brings more insights into the DTN technology.

Photo Credit: ESA