Solenix Workshop - Software Test Design

06 September 2017

In our last workshop we have discussed software test design including all of the factors that are important for software tests.
Those covered from the question of what to test up to best practices on how to keep the test suite alive, relevant and easy to extend. 


We discussed the following topics, among others:

  • Types of tests and modes of execution (e.g. automated, manual, etc)
  • What makes a good test?
  • Knowing the test tools and frameworks at our disposal
  • Relevance of code coverage and other metrics
  • Best practices for the scope, implementation and maintenance of tests

Following our open participation workshop, the whole team discussed best practices and examples they have encountered in projects and in the wild.

It is undisputed that software tests are absolutely crucial for efficient software development and that well-designed tests make a developer's daily life much easier.
With this workshop each of us learned some aspect of how to design their tests a little better.