Solenix to support “paperless” ground segment engineering!

22 November 2017

Solenix will support ESA in the development of a concept and an accompanying software tool to support ground segment design activities. Solenix’s activities are part of a contract recently awarded to a Telespazio Vega Deutschland led consortium with the main goal to develop the architecture and an initial version of an environment that will achieve “paperless” ground segment engineering.

In the current paradigm, ground segment engineering is a document-centric process, where information is collected in different inter-related documents that are created, updated, reviewed and maintained throughout the lifecycle of a mission. 

Keeping this set of documents relevant and up to date is complex and time consuming. Some tools exist to support several steps of this process, albeit not from an end to end perspective. This study, thus, explores the development of both a concept and an environment that support the existing engineering processes, but at the same time provide the means to link and trace the different steps of the process.

Solenix is very happy to be involved in this activity and is looking forward to a successful outcome that supports ESA in the modernisation of the tools used in ground segment development.

Photo Credit: ESA