First Release of Open-Source Virtual Globe for Web Applications

12 December 2017

We are very pleased to announce the first release of Web WorldWind, a free and open-source virtual globe for HTML5 with a JavaScript API. This first release, labelled 0.9.0, brings to the community a consolidated package, resulting from the excellent collaboration between the NASA WorldWind technical team and the European technical team led by Solenix and funded by ESA.

Web WorldWind is developed by NASA with the support from the European Space Agency and the wider community. Although this is the first formal release of the Web WorldWind, this library has been in continuous development for the last two years and is already in use in several live applications. With the 0.9.0 release, Web WorldWind has reached sufficient functionality and maturity to be a solid foundation for web and mobile applications. We expect the API to remain stable with the exception of adjustments for future improvements and any required bug fixes. This first release also marks the beginning of a faster release cycle to integrate new features and evolutions in the coming years.

This release can be found on GitHub, NPM or directly hosted by NASA. See the Get Started documentation to learn more on how to use this library.