Solenix awarded contract for the maintenance of dissemination software for EUMETSAT

23 April 2019

We are very pleased to announce that we have gained EUMETSAT’s trust to maintain and evolve two bespoke pieces of software, which were developed in-house to meet EUMETSAT’s needs for dissemination. The two packages are crucial to the daily operations of our customer, as they contribute to the handling of EUMETSAT’s core output: the meteorological product data. These two tools are:

  • The Data Acquisition and Dissemination Facility (DADF), a set of software that is used for the 24/7 operation of acquiring and disseminating product data for the Meteosat Second Generation in near real-time.
  • The Extended File Transfer Software (EFTS), a Swiss army knife for file transfer management and automation. Its versatility makes it useful in many domains across EUMETSAT and makes it one of the most important tools for data transfer and collection.

Solenix is very happy to support EUMETSAT once again in running its operations, offering our support and expertise in software engineering.

Image Credit: EUMETSAT