Solenix collaborates once more with OGC for its Testbed Initiative 15

20 May 2019

Last month, Solenix attended the Kick-Off of the Open Geospatial Consortium's Testbed 15 initiative in Reston, Virginia, U.S.A.. For the third year running, Solenix participates in an OGC Testbed, the largest event of OGC's Innovation Program.

This time around, Solenix is responsible for preparing two Engineering Reports (ERs) in two of the OGC Testbed 15 threads, namely the Semantics ER in the Machine Learning (ML) thread and the EOC, SCALE, AND SEED ER in the Federated Cloud Analytics thread. The first ER intends to capture all the aspects of the machine learning thread related to Semantics, whilst the second aims at comparing what is being done by American and European space agencies in the field of distributed, parallel and massive execution of containerised units of work.

Solenix has already started work on the two deliverables and is once again looking forward to work together with OGC and the other participants to help bring geospatial standards forward.