Solenix supports the development of the ground processor for the Next Generation Radiation Monitor for the Space Situational Awareness Programme

23 October 2019

Solenix is the software partner in a consortium led by SPARC, which has been awarded a new contract by the European Space Agency to develop the ground processor for the next generation radiation monitor (NGRM) instrument in the scope of the Space Situational Awareness programme.

NGRM is a hosted payload instrument on-board the EDRS-C mission (European Data Relay System), which will provide measurements of the charged particles from a geostationary orbit, complementing the measurements of the instruments on-board the American GOES satellites and the space weather payload on-board the Korean GEO-KOMPSAT-2A mission.

In the scope of this contract, our consortium will design and develop the level 1 payload data ground processor, which will be one of the elements in the Payload Operations Data Centre,  currently being implemented whithin the Space Weather Data Centre.

Our Greek partners, SPARC, bring to the consortium the knowledge and experience in space radiation data analysis and modelling and will lead the development of the data processor. Solenix will focus on providing the software infrastructure harnessing the processor and ensuring its integration in the Payload Operations Data Centre. In addition, we count with the support of two expert consultants: Belgian DH Consultancy and Greek OHB-Hellas, who will provide their expertise to successfully deliver the results of this project.

We are very happy to continue our support to the Space Situational Awareness programme and look forward to this exciting project, which will further our knowledge and understanding of the impacts and risks of space radiation.

Image Credits: ESA/ATG medialab