Solenix successfully concludes the EOApps contract

12 February 2020

Back in 2014, a consortium led by Solenix was awarded the Frame Contract for Social Media and Mobile Applications Development for EO Ground Segment and Mission Operations for the ESA Centre for Earth Observation (ESA/ESRIN).
The project finished at the end of 2019 and, during its five years, the partnership composed of Gisat, Progressive Systems, QUALTEH, Solenix and TERRASIGNA led to many achievements in collaboration with ESA. An especially successful outcome is the most popular ESA-funded application on iOS and Android, which then became the Copernicus Sentinel App under European Union funding. This app provides live insights on the Copernicus Sentinels such as satellite positions, sensor acquisition plans, available user-level data, mission achievements and much more.

This frame contract had the goal of enabling fast development of small applications and supporting the modernisation of infrastructure elements.
To achieve this goal, a series of software applications and prototypes were developed in order to evaluate new technologies and concepts, as well as to assess possible solutions under realistic conditions, including:

  • Innovative ways to access product catalogues

  • Monitoring and accounting for exploitation platforms

  • Promotion of earth observation activities and ground segments

  • Advanced visualisation of earth observation data and other geoinformation

In this context, the team was involved for four years in the development of ESA-NASA Web WorldWind (link to WebWorldWind-ESA on GitHub), a platform which allows to effectively manage geospatial data in multiple 2D and 3D maps.

The consortium is delighted to continue its collaboration with ESA under another contract, which focusses on the maintenance and evolution of Copernicus applications for the public and for mission operations and includes the Copernicus Sentinel App, Copernicus Sentinel Dashboard and Copernicus Eye App.

The consortium would also like to thank the ESA technical officers and the many stakeholders that got involved in the different activities of this contract and leveraged the opportunity to try out innovative concepts in their domains.