Solenix contributes to the introduction of AI for Ground Segment Operations Automation

10 September 2021

We are living in exciting times where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having more and more a key role in a wide range of applications from image/speech recognition to digital personal assistants, from health care to recommendation systems, etc. AI solutions could support decision-making, automate repetitive actions, accelerate response times, leading to greater efficiencies and performance improvements at all levels.

Solenix, in a consortium led by Rhea, and together with Airbus DS, and Fraunhofer, has recently kicked-off a new activity for the European Space Operations Centre (ESA/ESOC) with the goal of demonstrating the role of Artificial Intelligence in fostering Ground Segment Operations Automation. This activity is one of several ESA-led activities currently promoting the development and adoption of AI within the space industry.

While this activity will provide the foundations for supporting and enabling the infusion of AI within the field of Ground Segment Operations, it is also expected to produce a proof-of-concept AI platform and a set of AI applications to demonstrate the capabilities of the platform. In fact, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a tremendous potential to assist with the automation of spacecraft operations, reducing the costs of operating each spacecraft, allowing the operations team to focus on higher-level tasks and potentially improving the repeatability and reliability of the operations.