Solenix @SPACETECHEXPO in Bremen

27 November 2023

What an incredible adventure our recent trip to the Bremen Space Expo was.
Our mission for day zero: "Raise the Flag". The day started with the team leaving the office, with a van packed with our booth and our merch. Six hours later and after a pit stop for cheeseburgers, we successfully set up our booth.
The following day, and full of excitement, we went to the conference and slowly immersed ourselves in chats, meeting customers and partners and making new connections. Our hard work was rewarded with a welcoming party at the Space Expo - a place with a lot of beer!

Day two was full of activity, probably the busiest yet most thrilling. We explored the areas, engaging in enriching discussions and idea exchanges with new people and companies. Our key take-away was that the Space Tech Expo has grown and matured in the past years. With moving away from a hardware centric conference we were positively surprised by the composition of the audience. The B2B matchmaking tool made it easy to discover interesting contacts prior to the conference and arrange meetings, which kept us busy that day. But it wasn't just about gaining knowledge; our collection of goodies expanded as well! The day ended spectacularly with a great deal of good food and drinks, a party we'll remember.
Conferences can be exhausting, but still full of energy on Thursday morning we proudly raised the flag, marking our presence at the expo on its final day. The trip ended after a 6+ hour drive (thanks to Alex and Martin!) and we were safely back in Darmstadt.
Eagerly looking forward to our next adventure!