Crafting Our Identity: Our journey to define our company Mission, Vision, and Values

20 March 2024

Over the past several months, Solenix has been on an inspiring journey, delving into the essence of who we are, and what Solenix represents and to further define the purpose of our organisation.

After a great deal of preliminary work and preparation, the first workshop was held with volunteer representatives from the individual Solenix departments.

The day was characterised by an open exchange, the development of proposals that were then discussed, and an ever-deeper exploration of the individual meanings of Solenix’s beginning, where it is now and how it wants to shape itself in the future.

In preparation for a second workshop, all colleagues were presented the mission and vision statements developed up to that point and asked for their feedback. The input was taken into the second workshop and refined further until a rough draft emerged at the end of the day.

In November 2023, the final mission, vision and values statements were presented to everyone at the first Solenix town hall meeting.


Our Mission

As experts in our fields, we offer innovative engineering and trusted services to accelerate our customers’ journeys in space and on ground.


Our Vision

By harnessing technology and our own solutions, we aspire to solve socially impactful challenges – expanding from the space industry.


Our Values

We create value together

We are a trusted partner

We drive sustainable business

We embrace our greater responsibility


Later, placards with the statements shown below were placed in our meeting rooms and reception areas to serve as a visual reminder of Solenix’s collective goals.

Thank you all for creating value together!