Scala Workshop

18 November 2014

Our latest workshop gave us an introduction to the multi-paradigm JVM language called Scala as well as a relatively high-level overview of the world of functional programming. Thereby it served as a view beyond the horizon of our usual developments.
The workshop started with some general information about the language itself and after that we learned about Scala's type system, common data structures and control flow statements.
Later, we dug deeper into the concepts of functional programming languages like first-class and higher-order functions, pattern matching, lazy evaluation, algebraic data types and currying, which can make developers life much easier in many cases. All the concepts were explained through short examples written in Scala.
Towards the end of the workshop, we looked at some real-world examples like concurrently downloading airplane pictures from different Web pages using a couple of Scala statements.

The team was delighted to see the simplicity and the potential of such language on the top of the JVM.