First Successful Orbit

04 November 2014

After the first successful orbit, our space exploration division has scheduled some great missions to explore the Kerbol system and become rich of all the resources out there. Our first target will be the Mun. Before we send the first Kerbals down to this rocky body, we will perform a flyby around it to find an interesting landing site. Then we will launch our best man Jebediah Kerman together with his colleagues Bill and Bob to the Mun where Jeb will make one giant leap onto the ground.

At this point, our journey just begins. We will make the first step for kerbal life in space by launching a modularized space station, catch an asteroid and bring it into an orbit around the Mun, visit Minmus, the second moon of our home planet Kerbin, send the Duna Express probe to the Red Planet and build up a communication network using keostationary satellites. Then we will be able to go even further and explore the outer areas of the Kerbol system where the gas giant Jool with its moons and the dwarf planet Eeloo are located.

Any challenges from our followers are welcome and we’ll ask for your participation in the construction of a Follower Space Station, the FSS.

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