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Solenix goes to Würzburg for a fun-packed weekend!29 May 2018

Last weekend the Solenix team travelled to Würzburg (Germany) for a weekend break away.

On Friday afternoon, we visited the winery "Weingut am Stein", where we were treated to a wine tasting session. We had the chance to learn some more about the region of Franconia, their grapes and their famous wines. After preparing our palates at the winery, we headed to the "Backöfele", a fine traditional restaurant, where we tasted the best of the local cuisine.


Solenix participates in the MARVIN experiments23 May 2018

On the 20 April, the second experiment for MARVIN, the Multi-purpose Astronaut and Remote Vehicle INteraction, was successfully executed. MARVIN is an ESA project, a cooperation between EAC (the European Astronaut Centre) and ESOC. Two Solenix colleagues are involved in the activity: Toril Bye Rinnan, as the experiment manager, and Thorsten Graber, as a member of the in-scenario ground operations team and responsible for ICT.


Solenix set up for an intense 2018 with ESA and OGC Testbed and Hackathon initiatives09 May 2018

Solenix is delighted to announce that it will be heavily involved in this year’s OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) innovation activities. In 2017, its maiden year of OGC membership, Solenix participated in OGC Testbed 13. This year, it will play a major role in OGC Testbed 14, where in fact it has been awarded deliverables in two different threads: the EOC (Earth Observation Clouds) one, sponsored by ESA, and the NextGen (Next Generation) one, in which it is a direct supplier of the OGC.


Solenix takes part at EGU201819 April 2018

Our colleague Itziar Alonso was present at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly last week. This event is the largest European conference on this topic and it takes place every year in Vienna. This year over 15'000 attendants from 106 countries participated.


Solenix Pet Project: the Air Quality Sensor20 March 2018

Since the end of February, a new installation is monitoring the air quality in the Solenix’s Software Engineering Team’s office. The USB-based sensor measures the volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air, which are the major culprits of “stuffy air”. These are created, for example, by humans and computers, indispensable in a working environment, but also by carpets or cooking. The values measured by the sensor are displayed in an easy to read graph shown in a touchscreen.


Solenix awarded contract for the maintenance of EUMETSAT’s Mission Performance Monitoring Tools29 January 2018

We are very pleased to announce that we have been awarded a new contract to continue the maintenance and evolution of the Mission Performance Monitoring Tools (MPMT) at EUMETSAT for an initial period of three years. This new contract, which officially started on 01 January 2018, is the continuation of the successful collaboration between Solenix and EUMETSAT to deliver sustained maintenance of this family of applications and to provide engineering and user support services.


Solenix presents the results of the OGC Testbed 13 project in Washington19 January 2018

The OGC Testbed 13 demonstration event took place in Reston (Virginia) on 12 and 13 of December at the USGS National Centre. Around 100 participants attended the demonstration of the outcomes of the latest annual testbed initiative. The initiative, which was partially sponsored by ESA, sought to research and rapidly develop prototype solutions to identified geospatial IT problems. 


Solenix presents the results of Dively in Bonn17 January 2018

In June 2017 Solenix was awarded with an ESA Kick-Start Activity. This is a funding scheme launched by ESA Business Applications and particularly designed for SMEs looking for opportunities to develop new ideas for business applications making use of space assets. The Kick-Start Programme is organised in Thematic Calls, which cover interesting markets.