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Solenix at the ServiceNow Knowledge17 conference14 June 2017

Knowledge is the annual conference organized by ServiceNow and its partners. This year Knowledge17 took place in Orlando (USA) in May. With more than 15.000 attendees, the conference provides insights into the evolution of this product and the opportunity to share the experience with experts and users from all over the world in a wide range of industries and applications.

ServiceNow provides a platform that automates business processes and has emerged in the last years as a very strong proposition in IT Service Management.


Solenix Workshop - Git: Distributed Version Control System02 June 2017

This month’s workshop introduced the core concepts of Git, a distributed version control system. Since its inception in 2005, Git has been used in the Linux Kernel to manage its large codebase. Today, Git is in use in an ever growing number of projects, as well as in support infrastructure, being one of the most popular VCS systems.

The workshop focussed on how to approach the way Git represents code changes and its recommended workflows. We also covered the main differences of Git with respect to Mercurial. More in detail, this is what we discussed:


Solenix in the CubeSatShop31 May 2017

We are happy to announce that Solenix has become a vendor in the CubeSatShop!
This online shop provides a platform for hardware and software vendors to offer their specialised products for CubeSats and NanoSats.

Thanks to this opportunity, we have now better visibility amongst the CubeSat community and we are able to address them directly from this renowned marketplace.

Two of our products are already available at the CubeSatShop:


Solenix is awarded a new contract to collaborate with OGC!11 May 2017

Solenix has signed a contract as part of the European Space Agency's sponsorship to the OGC Testbed 13 initiative, an activity integrated in OGC's innovation program for 2017. This work, part of the Earth Observation Clouds (EOC), Thematic Exploitation Platforms (TEP) thread, will allow Solenix to contribute to the development of interoperable standards for the Geospatial, Earth Observation and Thematic Exploitation Platforms communities.


Solenix Workshop - Refactoring26 April 2017

Based on Martin Fowlers' book "Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code", this month’s engineering workshop focused on how to improve the design of existing code without changing its externally observable behaviour.


Solenix Workshop - How much do you think you know about Java?24 March 2017

In this month’s Engineering Team workshop, we assessed our understanding of many concepts of Java. To that end, we took an individual assessment test inspired by the exams designed for the Oracle Certified Associate and Professional. Afterwards we discussed our answers in the group and revealed the correct solutions. The goal was to help the team identify strengths and weaknesses in their understanding of the core of the programming language that we use the most in our projects.


Solenix Talks - METERON presentation23 March 2017

On the last edition of the “Solenix Talks”, we learnt more about the work that our colleagues conduct at the European Space Operations Centre for the METERON project, the Multi-Purpose End To End Robotics Operations Network. The talk presented an overview of the project, its history, architecture and plans for the future. We also looked back at the successful experiments that have taken place in recent years and got to know some interesting facts when working with astronauts.