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ESAW 2015 starts tomorrow!15 June 2015

This week Tuesday and Wednesday (16 and 17 June 2015) the European Ground System Architecture Workshop (ESAW 2015) will take place at ESOC in Darmstadt.

Solenix contributes to the workshop with:


ESAW 2015 - Meet us there!29 May 2015

The European Space Agency (ESA) is hosting its fifth European Ground System Architecture Workshop (ESAW) on the 16th-17th June 2015 at ESOC in Darmstadt.
Solenix will attend like in the last years, presenting our products and work.


Mission Accomplished17 April 2015

We have successfully completed the move of our new offices. From now on you can find Solenix at Spreestrasse 3 in Darmstadt. Everything went smoothly. A lot of boxes are still unpacked and all the Legos are not reassembled again, but we are back to almost full productivity after only half a day with improvised desks and only one hour without coffee. The new offices look great and we are very happy to have enough space to grow quite a bit. We hope to see you soon in our new office for a visit.


Artificial Intelligence Planning and Scheduling Workshop07 April 2015

In the last workshop at Solenix, Simone Fratini gave an introduction on Artificial Intelligence Planning and Scheduling concepts and techniques, with a specific focus on successful applications for controlling complex physical systems (space applications, robotics and more).


Office Move in April10 March 2015

Solenix has finally outgrown its office at the TIZ. After a long search for a suitable place, we are proud to announce that we have found new office premises just around the corner. From April on, you will find us at Spreestrasse 3, 64295 Darmstadt, thus staying in close vicinity to our business partners. We are all very excited about our new office and will keep you posted on our activities around the move.


10 Year Anniversary Dinner03 March 2015

​Finally we did it! Our big anniversary dinner took place last Thursday in Herrngarten Café. Now having had the weekend to rest and reminisce, we can only say it was a splendid way to end our 10th anniversary year. More than 60 people celebrated with us this important day in our company history.


New Corporate Visual Identity27 February 2015

Yesterday evening, we concluded the celebration of our 10-year anniversary with a dinner party. Yesterday was actually the 11th birthday of Solenix.

During this event, we revealed our new corporate visual identity. After 10 years of loyal services, we decided to change the logo and retire the black and red colours, which accompanied us since the incorporation of Solenix. This totally new appearance includes not only the new logo and a new slogan, engineering inspiration, but also a revamped web site, new document visuals and more to come.


New Consultant Positions at EUMETSAT13 February 2015

EUMETSAT has awarded Solenix a 4-year frame contract to provide on-site engineering and scientific consultancy services for Sentinel-3 routine operations.
Sentinel-3 is part of a series of Sentinel satellites, which will take a continuous 'health check' on the planet.


ESA Conducts Laser Link Experiment with the Support of Planning System Developed by Solenix02 December 2014

Last week, ESA successfully conducted an experiment connecting the Sentinel-1A and the Alphasat spacecraft via laser link. This exciting experiment demonstrates the use of this technology, together with the growing network of spacecraft around the Earth, to efficiently relay large amounts of scientific data to the ground. This new communication technology can achieve an impressive data transfer rate of 7.2 Gbit/s.


Scala Workshop18 November 2014

Our latest workshop gave us an introduction to the multi-paradigm JVM language called Scala as well as a relatively high-level overview of the world of functional programming. Thereby it served as a view beyond the horizon of our usual developments.
The workshop started with some general information about the language itself and after that we learned about Scala's type system, common data structures and control flow statements.